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Our Products

01 Corner Guard

Corner Guard The first part, is PVC, which is exposed to friction and it is antibacterial and it is suitable to use in sterile places. The second part is the aluminum sector with multiple designs as well as different sizes and of course, it is rust and shock resistant. Uses: It is used in hospitals where it is installed on the corners of the walls to protect it from shocks         More...

02 Aluminum ladder nose

The nose of the ladder is made of aluminum with a special sector in the form of 90 degrees, which is a one-piece aluminum sector  The vinyl is installed inside according to the required color More...

Our Services

Projects Credits

Some approvals from the largest consulting offices in Egypt for some of the company’s ...

Installation Work

 The company is interested in training a full team and technically equipped for the ...

Shop Drawing

Work the implementation and operational drawings of the contracted items until the approval of ...